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Cyber Security Engineer 

I am a computer science student with a focus on cyber-security. With large experience conducting pentests and emulating the techniques and procedures of real-world attackers. I enjoy challenging positions in computer science and cyber-security. I like being where these two areas meet to contribute to the development of new tactics and tools for day-to-day challenges.

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My articles And Write-Ups

Linux Process Injection

Abusing ptrace syscall to manipulate process execution flow.

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The Real Intro To SQLI

The old technique explained from relational algebra and set theory.

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Quantum Computing

An introduction to quantum computing paradigms.

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RSA Encryption

Explaning RSA concepts with modular arithmetic.

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Latest Projects


A modular exploitation framework extensible with Lua
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Malleable adversary-emulation tool for Linux (Not Available)
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Full-feature SurrealDB client written in Golang 
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