Offensive security student and programmer.

Information Security

My Articles && Write-Ups

Wireless Hacking

Wireless network hacking using the tool suite Aircrack-ng and Hashcat.

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Reverse Shell Factory

An overview of my tool for automating reverse shell creation.    

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Local File Inclusion

A introduction to the vulnerability that can make anyone able to include sensitive data in normal pages.

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ELFx64 GolangBasic

A writeup about the CTF that made me to take deep dive into Go Binaries.    

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Unrestricted File Uploads

Uploading malicious files due weak filtering.

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Docker Hardening

Hardening techniques and audits for containers.

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Quantum Computing

An introduction to quantum computing paradigms.

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RSA Encryption

Explaning RSA concepts with modular arithmetic.

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I am a computer science student who chose this area looking for the cyber security focusing in offensive security.  

As well as studying I like to program tool that help me in every day challenges.

Here you can find more about me.

knowledge: Languages & Tools

I try to keep my knowledge alive by constantly playing CTF and creating new ones.