~# whoami

If you're here then probably you want to know a little about who I am and what I do.


As of February 2021 I have been studying a BSc degree in Computer Science at an university in Brazil. Since 2017 I have been studied Cyber Security focusing offensive security and Ethical Hacking. At that time I started to study programming and computer principles. I currently work as Cyber Security Engineer and Security Tester for a CDN oriented to cyber security, so I ended up acting in Blue Team areas as well.

In addition to red team operations, I like to write code that helps me with day-to-day challenges, I use to publish them such that can be useful to other peoples as well in learning phase or who is needing that automation.

The purpose of this blog is primarily to serve as a space for me to upload write-ups and introductions to anything I come across in my studies that I find particularly interesting or would like to see a little more about the topic on internet, but also to document my journey into the field of information security. I hope that you will find my writing informative, if not enjoyable!

- p.f. | farinap5